A Case Study: Enola Meade

Rather than us telling you about why our courses here at Becky Adlington Training are so brilliant, we thought we’d let someone who has already completed a course with us, tell you about their journey.

Enola is now working with us as a Swim England Qualified swimming teacher at swim!, and here she tells us about her experience...

Name: Enola Meade
19 years old
Job title:
Swimming teacher, host and lifeguard (for swim!)
Course completion date:
November 2017

What made you want to do the course with Becky Adlington Training?
Swimming has always been something I have loved since a young age and after volunteering for 2 years at a swimming club I decided to get myself qualified and so started looking around at the different courses available. The Becky Adlington Training course really stood out to me because it used the knowledge, expertise and vision from Rebecca Adlington, who is so respected and accomplished as a swimmer.

What was the best thing about the course?
Everything about the course was brilliant - it was really interactive which made everything more interesting and the tutor was very approachable and so supportive throughout. After completing the course, the tutor even got in touch to ask how everything had been since finishing the programme, which I really appreciated.

Another great thing about the course was that we were given the opportunity to speak to other qualified swimming teachers who had completed the Becky Adlington Training course and the advice was really useful and made the whole process a lot less daunting.

What skills have you gained as a swimming teacher?
One skill I’m proud to have gained is that I’m a lot more confident when I communicate with customers. I find it a lot easier to explain what to expect from each lesson, the different stages of their child’s progression and how they can help their child practice swimming outside of lessons, so they can keep improving. Another skill I have really improved on is my ability to be more imaginative when coming up with games to keep the lessons fun and interactive.

What is the best thing about being a swimming teacher?
The best thing about being a swimming teacher is definitely being able to see a child go from being nervous of getting in the pool, to being confident and comfortable in the water. Seeing a child enjoy swimming as much as I do and being able to teach someone a valuable life skill is an amazing feeling - I really enjoy knowing the children are having fun.

Are there any other comments you feel are important about how Becky Adlington Training has impacted your life?
Becky Adlington Training has helped to really develop my career and pushed me to grow as a swimming teacher - my whole working life has changed for the better. Becky Adlington Training helped me to get a job with swim! which also helped me to become a qualified lifeguard, enabling me to immerse myself further in an activity I love.

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