Developing Aquatic People and Programmes: What does it all mean?

This week, we caught up with our tutor, Kelly for some quick fire round questions on this intriguing new series of one-day Masterclasses. Take a look at what we discussed to find out more and hopefully inspire you to come and join us in this exciting new learning programme.

What is ‘Developing People and Programmes’ all about?

“It really is what is says, we have been working hard to create an opportunity to provide some support and learning to those individuals who currently might be leading, managing, coordinating or mentoring a team of teachers within a learn to swim programme. Years ago, there was a qualification for ‘Managing swimming programmes’ and although quite rightly so, the CPD of recent times has focused on technical knowledge and teaching practices, we really feel confident that now is the time to bring some inspiration and motivation back for that higher role and the individuals with these more senior responsibilities.

"The effect that a coordinator can have on the teaching team and therefore the customers (children) is significant, so offering high level, quality mentoring, advice and guidance for these managers to be the best they can be will cascade throughout the system to the next generation and ultimately the children we want to be inspired to swim for life.

"This will be a series of masterclasses over the next 9 months specifically designed to inspire, motivate and engage individuals to manage great programmes and increase participation and quality in aquatics. The first in the series, available now is ‘Start your journey’ which will be followed up by a further 6 in total, each with a different theme, released roughly every 2 months. We can’t wait to get everyone going on this first theme looking at roles and responsibilities, challenges and problem solving and inspiring personal development, self reflection and new ideas”

Who is this Masterclass designed for?

“These masterclasses are perfect for individuals aspiring to be, or currently in a role such as senior swimming teacher, swimming coordinator, learn to swim manager, swimming development officer, wet-side operations manager or swim school owner.”

So, will people get a qualification?

“As a new programme, we have worked closely with CIMSPA to ensure that all these masterclasses are endorsed and aligned to their Entry-Level Manager professional standards. All attendees will receive BAT-CIMSPA endorsed certification and be eligible for CPD points. We are also working closely with relevant awarding bodies to align this learning to future qualifications in 2020”.

Why is this face to face and not online?

“We are in the business of people, and people need emotion, feeling and good human interaction to be inspired and excited, which is why we have deliberately chosen to inspire our family of learners in person and feed their souls with new ideas! Although, as advocates of technology and time management, we have combined some online/digital options for the 1-2-1 support and mentoring post attendance to help stay in touch when people are back in the workplace. We like to think we are providing the best of both worlds!”

Why would you encourage someone to attend?

“In a busy, hectic and reactive world, we all know we have the capacity and skill to learn if we choose to, yet often we choose not to and allow daily operations to continue. Just take 1 day to commit to yourself, your learning and choose to grow, flourish and be inspired... imagine the opportunities!”

Why is it just one day?

“We understand just how busy life can get and the pressure and commitment needed 7 days a week to manage a swim programme, so we are offering this learning as bitesize chunks that individuals can dip into, convenient to their schedules and needs. We also know that some individuals have great strengths in specific areas and may not feel certain themes will work for them, so rather than enforcing attendance on a whole course, we wanted to provide a modern and flexible approach to this opportunity”. 

Why does it cost more than the other BAT CPD Masterclasses?

“With a higher level of knowledge and skills required, we feel this masterclasses sits at an entry level management tier, hence the cost reflecting the complexity of the responsibilities. We also have hand selected the best of our tutors to deliver this work to ensure learners received experienced and suitable delivery to their management needs.

"Each one of our masterclasses within this series also includes personalised 1-2-1 support and mentoring post-attendance with a dedicated tutor/mentor to help you apply, learn and reflect specific to your individual needs at your workplace. We don’t want to just deliver training, we want to build a community of practice and we believe the cost reflects this excellent provision”.

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