Ping-Pong Pick

This week’s top game is inspired by one of our BAT learners, Mycroft Smith from Royal Wootton Bassett Otters Swimming Club in Wiltshire, who used ping pongs balls in a recent lesson!

All you need are some ping-pong balls, or even ball-pit size balls, a permanent marker pen and some imagination. We often deliver ‘treasure-hunt’ style activities, or swimming and collecting objects in our lessons - this just takes it to another level! For this game, use your ping-pong balls to allow some guided discovery and skills practice. On each ball, write a game/stroke/activity/skill/question and ask your swimmers to retrieve a ball in whatever way you decide. They should then perform the skill/activity written on the ball. Have a few options available and even different coloured balls for another round.

You can use these balls for a number of great activities – Include skills such as "Star float for 5 seconds" or "3 x rockets", water safety questions, number of widths for older swimmers, or even just animal names for children to make up their own shapes and movements. This is such an easy way, with just a little preparation, to turn a traditional ‘collect an object' task into something more fun.

“This is a fantastic game to engage the swimmers, integrate skills into travel and is so adaptable to the group or activities you want to include in the lesson - giving you opportunity to integrate a whole range of core aquatic and fundamental movement skills. I love the simplicity of this game, but the quality and effectiveness of the results!” - Kelly, BAT Tutor

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