Rumble in the Jungle

At Becky Adlington Training, we're proud to have the most dynamic, engaging, passionate tutors in the industry leading our courses. We know how rewarding teaching the next generation of swimmers can be - and the best way to do this is through fun! 

This week, our BAT trainee teachers on our recent course at Westonbirt School in the South West have created our Game of the Week. So, the big reveal. Our Game of the Week is… *cue drum roll*
Rumble in the Jungle Obstacle Course

Kelly and Laura, course tutors said "We challenged the teachers to come up with a fun contrasting activity to end a Stage 6/7 lesson with a variety of core aquatic skills and fun challenges using whatever equipment we had to hand. This was a great way of inspiring their imaginations and creativity and the swimmers had a great time giving it a go - not only developing a variety of skills, but developing memory and concentration and rewarding them after a breaststroke development main lesson”.
Starting from the shallow end, swimmers had to ‘Roll the dung beetle poop’ (walking/breaststroke using discs), then ‘Jump over the monkeys’ and push the branches (noodles) to the floor, slide across the ‘lily pad’ (large mat) and do 3 somersaults around the jungle ‘vines’ (noodles), dive to the bottom of the swamp to rescue the ‘flamingo’ (watering can filled with water and sunk to bottom) and then swim through the swamp avoiding the poison berries (variety of toys) to safety.
Why not create your own obstacle courses, or even better use guided discovery to have your swimmers design their own and empower self-discovery, teamwork, creativity and imagination? After all, lessons should include a whole host of fundamental movement skills and should be FUN and more than just swimming!