Space mission

To celebrate 50 years since landing on the moon, some of our #BATFamily teachers invented a space-themed game to share with you this week!

The teachers were tasked with creating a game with limited equipment; just one noodle, two floats and half a dozen egg-flips.

They started with launching the rockets as the children doing push and glides on their front from the wall in a streamlined position - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blasting off into outer space and then using their thrusters (legs) to reach the astronauts (egg-flips) drifting in space. The swimmers have to save the astronauts, scooping up the egg-flips with their arm levers, whilst avoiding the meteors (floats drifting) and getting them back safely to the moon (noodle tied in a knot floating in the middle of the pool). Once all the astronauts have been rescued, they supercharge their thrusters (leg kick) and levers (arm paddle) to reach earth (side of the pool).

Credit goes to Mycroft, Emma, Ben, Meg and Millie from Royal Wootton Bassett Otters Swimming Club, Wiltshire (pictured above).

Kelly, our BAT tutor and the teachers mentor says, "This was a great idea created from a topical subject which, even with limited equipment, just required some imagination. The teachers designed this as suitable for a stage 3/4 lesson but it could be easily adapted for all abilities. It develops streamlining, travel, coordination, agility, kinaesthetic awareness and kicking, and has turned relatively standard practices of a push and glide, kick and doggy paddle into a themed, fun and more engaging activity."