An interview with UCFB

We met with the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) following their bespoke Becky Adlington Training Course to see what they thought of their new partnership.

Why did you choose to run a closed course with Becky Adlington Training?

Our PE course includes an Outdoor Education and Swimming Module - however, none of our staff are suitably qualified to deliver the swimming part of this unit. We have also found it difficult in the past to find a swimming pool available at the times we require due to school usage.  

We had a meeting with your team prior to this module starting and were really impressed by the flexibility the course offered in regards to location and the delivery days/times that worked around our students.

What did Becky Adlington Training offer to the students which they might not have been able to get on the degree course alone?

Becky Adlington Training not only provided an experienced swimming tutor, but also gave our students the opportunity to become qualified Level 1 Swimming Assistants - something they can now add to their CVs and perhaps use throughout their time at University.

How did you find the partnership with Becky Adlington Training? How did you find the booking and planning process?

Everything was fantastic. The team were friendly, knowledgeable and were on hand every step of the way. Our main contact, Jeff, was easily accessible and knew I was busy so worked with me in order to accommodate our needs.

What were your expectations before the course and did Becky Adlington Training meet these?

We had images of our old swimming lessons years ago - quite boring, run by an older lady with grey hair that would teach our students how to make children swim lengths for half an hour.
Luckily, the reality was so much more fun. Our swimming tutor, Dan was fantastic! He engaged with the students really well and took into consideration our previous knowledge.

What were your and your students' highlights from the course?

Has to be Dan... To quote our students - "What a legend!"
Good resources and putting our theory into practice straight away.

How has this course impacted on your students and their overall studies?

This course was definitely one of the highlights of their whole degree course. They really engaged, had lots of fun and most importantly, it's opened their eyes to other possible career paths/job opportunities.

What advice would you offer to others looking at funding to run this course?

Do it. A fantastic and rewarding experience. Well worth the money.

Any final thoughts?

This whole experience has been so positive, we can't thank Becky Adlington Training enough. We now have a course full of inspired students that seem to have found a new love of swimming! We would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to run a closed course for a club or university course.

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