Becky talks motherhood and health

Becky has spoken to the Daily Mirror about how important she feels it is to encourage daughter, Summer to lead a healthy lifestyle.    

Along with the obvious physical benefits, the Director of Becky Adlington Training and Britain's most successful female swimmer has always been a firm believer in the impact that a healthy lifestyle can have on someone’s mental health, especially for young people. This is a belief she also instils into her training programme with learners encouraged to reward children that show ‘determination’, ‘courage’ and ‘persistence’ in lessons.   

In the article, Becky also mentions how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to improved self-esteem. As well as enjoying fun workout sessions and cooking homemade meals together, Becky says that she feels it’s important not to put herself down in front of her daughter, saying “Kids pick up on so much. I don’t want her to see her mum saying ‘Oh gosh, I look awful today’ and being really negative.”

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