Becky's first memory of the Commonwealth Games

As our director, Becky Adlington, joins the BBC to report on the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she looks back on how the Games first inpired her as a young swimmer.

Chatting to the SwimStars team, Becky said, "I love the Commonwealth Games, it really is The Friendly Games. I can still remember Manchester 2002, sitting in the stands with my parents watching the swimming and thinking 'this is what I want to do'. Hopefully, this year's Games will inspire the next generation of athletes that will be watching around the world."

Becky went on to win four Commonwealth Games medals at New Delhi in 2010 (2 Golds and 2 Bronze) and told BBC TV viewers, "Every athlete wants to get on that podium and have the full set of medals in the Olympics, Worlds, Commonwealth and European Championships. I would love to see a few more people join mine and Adam’s club” - referring to the fact that only she and Adam Peaty have ‘the full set’ of Gold Medals in 'the big four’.

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