Caroline's Story

Mum of two, Caroline attended one of our Becky Adlington Training Courses in Whitefield with our fantastic tutor, Graeme. Now a fully qualified Swimming Teacher, Caroline works with our sister company, Becky Adlington’s SwimStars.

We caught up with Caroline and asked her the following questions…

Why did you choose Becky Adlington Training to gain your qualification?
I chose the Becky Adlington training course as I work at Head office and knew the team would all be super supportive. My little boy is also currently learning to swim with Becky Adlington's SwimStars so now I'm able to help him practice his new skills when we go to the local pool - Plus it's a great way to earn a bit more money around my work hours.

How have you found working your course around parent life?
It was actually much easier than I thought it would be! I was initially quite stressed thinking I wouldn't be able to do it with having so many after-school activities for my children, but the tutor Graeme put me completely at ease and the workload was really manageable. Most of the work was done in the classroom apart from the odd lesson plan which we had loads of support with anyway.

What has been your course highlight?
This has to be passing and gaining my qualification! I’ve met some amazing friends on the course who I'll definitely be staying in touch with and picking their brains as many were advanced swimmers with lots of knowledge.

And finally… What would you say to someone interested in starting their journey as a swimming teacher?
For someone just starting their swimming teacher journey, I would advise them to assist as many sessions as possible to gain good experience and different teaching ways.