Congrats to our newly qualified teachers!

A big well done to everyone that completed our Combined Course this year!

We asked them what they loved most about the course - take a look at what they had to say:


"Kelly & Dan were amazing, supportive and very helpful. My confidence progressed with the support of them both"


"The feeling of satisfaction after I got a little one to swim for the first time. She loved it and made me really happy"


"I have loved being in the pool – it's going to be my new home!"


"Teaching the children to get real life experience"


"The best thing about the course was being able to do combine both Level 1 and Level 2"


"Continued support throughout, Kelly was available whenever I needed support or advice"


"Completing the course!"


"Teaching the SwimFit class for an hour with slightly older kids, developing their strokes and more advanced – fabulous lesson"


"The teaching style and fun environment"


"The team building exercises"