Mirror Game

At Becky Adlington Training, we're proud to have the most dynamic, engaging, passionate tutors in the industry leading our courses. We know how rewarding teaching the next generation of swimmers can be - and the best way to do this is through fun!

This week, it was our Kelly’s turn to share her Game of the Week. With a career in swimming spanning almost two decades, including 2 years as a lead teacher at the University of Wales, 2 years as a Swimming Development Officer for Newport City Council, an Ofsted Grade 1 National Training provider, and a qualified Swim England Tutor since 2007, it’s no surprise that Kelly has a passion for all things swimming. 

So, the big reveal. Kelly’s Game of the Week is… *cue drum roll*
Mirror game!

How to Play

You won't need any equipment for this activity. Put the swimmers in pairs facing each other and decide which swimmer is the ‘mirror’. The swimmer looking in the mirror can perform any actions they wish and the mirror must ‘reflect’ (copy) their movements. Perform for 1-2 mins and swap over. You could even turn this into a knockout competition by deciding who the best mirror is in each pair and re-pairing until final pair left!

How to adapt to different abilities

This can be performed in shallow water with buoyancy aids on swimmers if needed, or deep water with the older swimmers treading water.

"This is such an easy activity to deliver as it requires no equipment and just the imagination of the swimmers. It uses guided discovery and lets them explore movements for themselves!” - Kelly