Game of the Week - Easter Special!

At Becky Adlington Training, we're proud to have the most dynamic, engaging, passionate tutors in the industry leading our courses. We know how rewarding teaching the next generation of swimmers can be - and the best way to do this is through fun!

This week, we asked our Kelly to share her top 3 Easter games. With a career in swimming spanning almost two decades, including 2 years as a lead teacher at the University of Wales, 2 years as a Swimming Development Officer for Newport City Council, an Ofsted Grade 1 National Training provider, and a qualified Swim England Tutor since 2007, it’s no surprise that Kelly has a passion for all things swimming. 

So, the big reveal. Kelly’s top 3 Easter games are... *cue drum roll*

In 3rd place... 
 Easter Egg-stravaganza!

How to Play

You will need a large bag of plastic ‘ball pond’ balls, often available in supermarkets/toy shops for a reasonable price. These will be your ‘Easter eggs’ - the more the better! You may also need large hoops to help contain them once collected, or plastic buckets/containers.

Give each swimmer a plastic bucket/hoop or in pairs/small teams if there aren't enough available. Line the swimmers up against the wall and empty all the balls into the water. The team to collect the most ‘Easter eggs’ are the winners. 

How to adapt to different abilities

You can vary your delivery by giving specific instructions such as ‘only collect one egg at a time', 'only use breaststroke arms', 'only use frontcrawl legs', 'only hop on one leg'...etc.

"This is such a fun activity that never fails to excite my learners! It’s also really adaptable as you can tailor to any seasonal ‘theme’ with a bit of imagination and you can guide swimmers to specific movements and skills by giving rules/ways of collecting the balls” - Kelly

In 2nd place... Easter Chick Race!

How to Play

Let your swimmers' imaginations loose using rubber ducks as your Easter chicks. This game is ideal for 3-6 year olds whose imaginations will be off the chart! Line each swimmer next to one another with their backs against the wall. With a 'chick' each, ask them to race the chicks across the pool when you shout "Ready, steady, go!".

However, here's the twist - the challenge is not to touch the chick with their hands! They can use any method of blowing, pushing or different body parts to get chick across without using their hands. The first swimmer and chick to reach the other side, wins!

"This is a great competitive activity that develops guided discovery and problem solving in the swimmers, along with many fundamental movement skills and core aquatic skills depending on the water depth including travel, coordination, balance, running, jumping and aquatic breathing. You can even use this same game with older swimmers by performing in deep water, and replacing ‘chicks’ with balls or any floating equipment” - Kelly

In 1st place... Easter Egg & Spoon Race!

How to Play

Just like the classic school sports day race, you’ll need some plastic spoons - and if you can’t find plastic ‘eggs’, plastic ball pond balls or even old golf balls will work. Give each swimmer an ‘egg’ and a spoon, line them up against the wall and on "Ready, steady, go!", get them to race across the pool. The first swimmer to reach the other side without dropping their egg is the winner. 

How to adapt to different abilities

You can vary their travel with walking for younger or less able swimmers, or breaststroke/ frontcrawl kick for the more advanced groups. You can also make it more challenging by having rules such as, 'go back to the start if you drop your egg' or if you use golf balls (which will sink), 'swimmers have to submerge to collect if they drop them'.

“This is a classic school game, adapted for the pool. The different equipment and methods of adapting this game to challenge your specific group, will inspire and engage your swimmers to develop a whole load of skills from travel, coordination, speed, balance, buoyancy, rotation, aquatic breathing and kicking” - Kelly