Our 100th Teacher!

It’s always a proud moment to see our course members become fully qualified swimming teachers but for Liam Fox, we had even more to celebrate.

Liam (pictured below) was our 100th member to complete the course and start his career as a swimming teacher. He said,

“The course was recommended to me by a friend and after seeing Becky’s name, I knew it would be the right training course to choose. I’ve had loads of support throughout the course and it’s been great being able to complete both my level 1 and 2 in one go without having to travel to separate venues on different dates. As a student in Leeds, I’m going to use my new qualification to teach swimming there part-time for now and possibly move abroad to teach once I’ve finished my degree. I’m excited to start my career as a swimming teacher and I’d like to thank everyone at Becky Adlington Training for helping me this far.”


Joining Liam on the course was GB swimmer, Lauren Quigley (also pictured below). When asked about why she chose to add to her career as a professional swimmer by teaching the sport, Lauren said,

“It’s always been something I wanted to do, to be a part of the next generation of swimmers. Swimming is such an important life skill and it’s given me so much enjoyment growing up, so to be able to pass that on is really special. I’ve had so much fun completing the course and I’d recommend it to anyone.”


We’d like to say a big well done to Liam and Lauren - and to the 98 course members before them. We look forward to the next 100!            

Liam in action
Dream team: Liam and Lauren show us how it’s done
Lauren proving that her talents don’t just stop at swimming
A proud moment: Liam with our Double Olympic champion, Becky Adlington