Scarecrows and Farmers

At Becky Adlington Training, we're proud to have the most dynamic, engaging, passionate tutors in the industry leading our courses. We know how rewarding teaching the next generation of swimmers can be - and the best way to do this is through fun!

Now we’ve had our summer holiday break from ‘game of the week’ and are falling into the new season, let's kick start Autumn with something extra special!

So, the big reveal. Our Game of the Week is… *cue drum roll*

Scarecrows and Farmers

All you need for this game is standing depth water, 2-3 large mats, some balls and a little imagination!

Place your balls and large mats floating in your teaching space, and ½ the class as ‘scarecrows’ stood in the shallow end (or could be treading water for older more able swimmers). The other half of the class are the farmers and their task is to harvest their ‘pumpkin’ (ball) and get the pumpkin to the farmer (you the teacher). They have to take their pumpkin and climb over every hay bale (mat) and swim/travel a full circle around each scarecrow without losing their pumpkin before they push it to into the safe hands of the farmer. The scarecrows are allowed to reach/splash and try and get the pumpkins but not allowed to travel. Swap the class over and let them all have a go.

"This is a simple but effective themed game for the season, with basic equipment you would find in the pool you just need a little imagination to ‘pretend’. The challenges develops some basic waterpolo skills with ball handling, as well as travel, coordination, safe exits and entries over the mat, rotation and orientation around the scarecrows, all whilst trying to staying balanced with a ball (pumpkin). It can be adapted for deep/able or shallow/young swimmers and works well whether you are teaching in the water or from poolside" - BAT Tutor, Kelly

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!