The Penguin Game

At Becky Adlington Training, we're proud to have the most dynamic, engaging, passionate tutors in the industry leading our courses. We know how rewarding teaching the next generation of swimmers can be - and the best way to do this is through fun! 

For World Penguin Day this week, it was our Graeme’s turn to share his top penguin-themed Game of the Week. As a qualified RLSS Assessor delivering lifeguard courses and swim teacher rescue qualifications since 2013, experience operating a specialist pool for young people with complex disabilities, and now a Swim England Tutor, it’s no surprise that Graeme has a passion for all things swimming.

So, the big reveal. Graeme’s Game of the Week is… *cue drum roll*
Hungry Penguins!

How to play

Ask your swimmers to float on their backs (using a noodle or arms discs if you wish), then they flap their wings like a penguin. This should be small flaps to simulate an early sculling action. This can be done for 1 width repeated several times. The swimmer can perform the task with no leg kick or you prefer you can teach butterfly or backstroke kicks. If the swimmer is stronger you can do the same task on the front with their face down in the water.

Once they have the basic skill and strokes required, you can have the children collect toys (fishes) from around the pool. This allows further repetition and encourages free movement around the pool space.

"This is always a fun game and perfect for Word penguin Day. It will help introduce basic arm movements and improve coordination skills, too!" - Graeme