Recruitment and Selection Policy

Becky Adlington Training (BAT) aims to ensure all recruitment and selection is fair and equitable, following all legislative practices. Recruitment and selection refers to unpaid and paid staff and applicants to participate in a course leading to a qualification. It also includes those on work experience. This policy links with the safeguarding policy and BAT seeks to put measures in pace to ensure appropriateness is assured at all times. 

1. All staff at BAT will receive training on how to effectively recruit and select tutors, assessors, verifiers and learners.
2. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. 
3. All staff and learners will complete an appropriate application form, which may be in the form of a CV for tutors/assessors/verifiers.
4. All staff and learners will validate this application, in whatever form by signing a declaration of authenticity. 
5. For staff, both paid and unpaid two references must be provided including a current employer if relevant. One of these must be followed up by a phone call to validate the details. References referring to whom it may concern (and so cannot be validated) will not be accepted. 
6. If staff, both paid and unpaid are working with children (under 18s) then the applicant and referee must complete a declaration to state the suitability of that applicant to work with those that are under 18. Furthermore, all staff must be DBS checked including checking the DBS barred list to ensure suitability to work with this age group. Details must be maintained on a central register. 
7. Wherever possible all learners must be DBS checked including checking the DBS barred list to ensure suitability to work with children. Those not able to produce evidence of a DBS will be added to the BAT DBS risk assessment log and the relevant course tutor notified accordingly. 
8. All applicants will be asked to declare and special educational needs and disabilities. BAT will assess this information with the help of the applicant and will agree any reasonable adjustments. 
9. Learners will be recruited, checked and validated for eligibility in line with SEQ/IQL or course minimum entry requirements and pre-requisites.