Whistleblowing Policy

Becky Adlington Training (BAT) will conduct all business with integrity at all times. BAT actively encourages the reporting of any working practices that are dangerous, illegal, unethical or fraudulent and to protect those reporting these. 

BAT understands that at times things go wrong and mistakes can be made. A culture of reporting and transparency in such instances is encouraged so that immediate action can be taken to remedy any mistakes or wrong doing, and that policies, procedures and practices can be amended to ensure future appropriateness. 
Whistleblowing procedures
1. All staff at BAT will receive support and guidance on their responsibilities in terms of whistle blowing.
2. All whistleblowing will be handled confidentially and will ensure the protection of the person whistle blowing. 
3. All reports of potential wrong-doing will be treated seriously. 
4. If a whistleblowing incident occurs, then a report and investigation will be completed. The report will include details of the incident such as dates, times, causes, those involved, and any action taken. 
5. The report will be promptly and fairly investigated by a named investigating officer, who will be identified by BAT and who will have no previous involvement with the incident. 
6. The investigating officer will carry out an investigation. The whistle blower may be interviewed and asked to provide a written witness statement setting out the nature and details of the report and the basis for it. 
7. The length and scope of the investigation will depend on the subject matter of the whistleblowing. A specific time frame is not stated given the potential diversity of reports. 
8. Once the investigation has been completed, the whistleblower will be informed in writing of the outcome, together with our conclusions and decisions in a timely manner. However, the need for confidentiality may mean they are not given specific details of the investigation or actions taken.
9. BAT may on completion of the investigation report the matter to appropriate external agencies including Swim England Qualifications (SEQ) and Royal Life Saving Society (IQL)
10. If, on conclusion of the above stages, the whistleblowing considers that appropriate action has still not been taken, the whistleblower may then report the matter to the proper authority in good faith. There are several prescribed external bodies or persons to which qualifying disclosures may be made. These include HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), The Financial Services Authority (FSA), Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency.